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Spinal Disorders and Treatments: The NYU-HJD Comprehensive Textbook 1st Edition

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by Thomas J., M.D. Errico


    Spinal Disorders and Treatments: The NYU-HJD Comprehensive Textbook 1st Edition

    by Thomas J., M.D. Errico

    Spinal Disorders & Treatment: The NYU-HJD Comprehensive Textbook is a collection of concise and detailed reviews of spine disorders and management. There are separate comprehensive sections on basic science and clinical evaluation, non-surgical management, spinal injections and surgical treatment. The book is divided into three parts; the first part covers basic sciences, biomechanics, neurological diagnosis, examination and evaluation of various disorders. The second part covers non-invasive therapeutic intervention including pharmacological management, psychosocial management, and alternative medicine for treatment of spinal disorders. The final part is an introduction to spinal injections, including detailed description of various injecting techniques for trigger Point, sacroiliac, peripheral joint, and intra-articular facet. Current evidence-based practices have been included in each chapter to keep surgeons and neurologists up-to-date and practically sound. Key Points
    * Authored by experts in the field of orthopaedic and neurosurgery at the New York University of Medicine
    * Comprehensive and authoritative text enhanced by over 560 full colour images
    * Evidence-based, up-to-date information


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