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Insights to Neuroimmune Biology, 2nd Edition

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by Istvan Berczi


    Insights to Neuroimmune Biology, 2nd Edition

     by Istvan Berczi (Editor)


    Insights to Neuroimmune Biology, Second Edition discusses the systemic regulatory network, coordination, organization, and interpretation of the rapidly accumulating knowledge on the topic of neuroimmune biology, with an ultimate goal of helping readers understand the function of higher organisms, including man, in their entire complexity.

    This publication provides assessments and interpretations of accumulated experimental evidence, enabling the scientific community to keep abreast of essential advancements of existing knowledge as we search for greater understanding of the biology of higher organisms.

    • Provides information on the importance and applicability of the field of neuroimmunology
    • Describes subjects that have shown significant recent developments
    • Introduces a whole new dimension to neuroimmunology by discussing Epigenetic Immunoregulation
    • Investigates the mechanisms and functions of the Neuroimmune Regulatory Supersystem
    • Promotes translational research in the field of neuroimmune biology
    • Covers challenges, such as dealing with problems of e.g., hypothalamic regulation of immune functions, interrelationships of stress and disease, epigenetic immunoregulation, neuroprotection, and neuroimmune regulation in pregnancy.


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    • Hardcover: 306 pages
    • Publisher: Elsevier; 2 edition (February 9, 2016)
    • Language: English
    • Type : PDF 

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