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Clinical Application of Mechanical Ventilation, 4th Edition

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    • David W. Chang, Ed.D., RRT–NPS, Professor, Department of Cardiorespiratory Care, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama

    CLINICAL APPLICATION OF MECHANCIAL VENTILATION, FOURTH EDITION integrates fundamental concepts of respiratory physiology with the day-to-day duties of a respiratory care professional. Utilizing the wide degree of topics covered, including airway management, understanding ventilator waveforms, and addressing critical care issues, students have the best resource available for understanding mechanical ventilation and its clinical application. Enhancing the learning experience are valuable illustrations of concepts and equipment, highlighted key points, and self-assesment questions in NRBC format with answers. Whether preparing for the national exam or double-checking a respiratory care calculation, this textbook provides the fundamental principles of respiratory care with the clinical guidance necessary for mechanical ventilation.

    Key Features

    • Self-Assessment Questions are included in each chapter in NBRC format with answers for quick review of strengths and weaknesses for focused study.
    • Key Term margin definitions appear next to the term for fast reference, along with important check-points that highlight vital information for comprehension.
    • With 16 revised and thorough real-life case studies, there’s plenty of practice for students to apply their knowledge of mechanical ventilation.

    New to this Edition

    • Relevant websites have been added to the chapters for further study
    • New chapter of “Critical Care Issues address” the NBRC’s developing focus on mechanical ventilation and critical care events.
    • Updated chapter covers mechanical ventilation in nontraditional settings from the home setting to a mass casualty incident, addressing modern concerns and situations not commonly covered, but essential knowledge to have for success.
    • Updated appendices and respiratory care calculations make this a great resource and learning tool for now and in the future!
    • New design, photographs, and illustrations enhance the content.
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