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Cell Biology A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume 3 Gene Expression The Production of RNA’s

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by David M. Prescott


    Cell Biology A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume 3 Gene Expression The Production of RNA’s

     by David M. Prescott (Editor)


    Cell Biology, A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume 3: Gene Expression: The Production of RNA’s mainly discusses the molecular and cytological bases of gene expression. The coverage begins with the concepts of organization of DNA and gene sequences in chromosomes, as an introduction to a more detailed coverage of gene expression. 
    The book opens with a general discussion on the organization of DNA sequences in chromosomes. This chapter includes different methods of analyzing DNA sequences. As the book progresses, it looks upon the details on gene reiteration and amplification up to the transcription of prokaryotes and eukaryotes. It includes the ways of regulating transcription. 
    The following chapters deal mostly with the structure and activity of genes up to the different virus strains in both RNA and DNA. The cytoplasmic and environmental impact on gene expression is also discussed. Chapter 8 generally tackles the DNA conformation and template function. The succeeding chapters focus on the transfer and ribosomal RNA as a result of maturation events; the processing of hnRNA and its relation to mRNA; and recombinant DNA procedures. 
    The book closes with the directory of the different classes of cellular RNAs. This book will be helpful to many graduate students, teachers, scientists, and researchers in need of information regarding cell biology.


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    • Paperback: 698 pages
    • Publisher: Academic Press (November 11, 2012)
    • Language: English
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