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101 Clinical Cases in Emergency Room

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    Author: Zaheer Badar M

    This book, 101 Clinical Cases in Emergency Room, deals with real-life emergency cases. Emergency medicine is a budding specialty in the developing world, many people die because of lack of basic emergency services. Some of these injuries or disasters are easily preventable and treatable. Doctors in emergency rooms need to have procedural skills and a broad-based knowledge to treat these emergencies based on the ABCD (Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Deformity) priorities. The book addresses the immediate life-threatening problems in a quick and efficient way and not to waste valuable time in reaching a final diagnosis. It is divided into 21 chapters and sectioned by the body system. Tables, charts, and easy illustrations are used to clarify the content and facilitate the learning process. Standard National Treatment Guidelines are stressed in each case discussion. Each case study is designed to stimulate a thought process, especially for students, to formulate a diagnosis and a quick treatment plan accordingly. Clinical Pearls and Pitfalls are provided to keep the importance in mind of missing a diagnosis as well as the legal implications that would follow.


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