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Lecturio : USMLE Step 2 (2021)

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    Lecturio : USMLE Step 2 (2021)


    Broaden your medical knowledge with Lecturio’s video lectures, integrated recall quizzes, enhanced medical concept library, and subject/NBME® exams! Whether you’re a premedical, medical, physician associate, or nurse practitioner student, or an intern, Lecturio Medical is your all-in-one medical school study companion!

    Lecturio Medical is an excellent supplement for classes and clerkships, as well as for preparation for USMLE® Step 1 & 2 CK, COMLEX Level 1 & 2, and NBME® exams, MCAT, MBBS, NEET-PG, and more with video lectures integrated into a powerful question bank for active learning. Spanish and Portuguese preclinical Qbanks and auto-translations are also available.

    Learn medicine: Short, high-yield expert-held videos

    • Find answers in 6,500+ videos on all preclinical and clinical topics: anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, OBGYN, surgery and more.
    • Learn from leading experts from world-class medical schools.
    • Study interactively with 3D anatomy models and integrated quiz questions and take summary notes for each lecture.
    • Use downloadable slides or the offline function to study on the go.

    Apply your medical knowledge: Advanced clinical Qbank

    • Configure custom tests or use pre-configured tests and self-assessments for USMLE® and NBME® exams.
    • Read in-depth explanations, effectively review the concepts addressed in the questions through integrated video lectures, and use the specific First Aid® page references.
    • Become familiar with actual test situations via an exam-simulating interface.

    Retain your medical expertise long term: Smart recall quizzes, an up-to-date medical concept library, and study hacks

    • Like flash cards, spaced repetition quizzes help you to retain medical knowledge in your long-term memory.
    • The integrated medical concept library summarizes medical topics from the basic science level to clinical diagnosis and treatment.
    • Experienced lecturers share their study tips in Lecturio webinars—you can get early access.

    Save time and study efficiently: Exam preparation, study planner, and Lecturio’s Bookmatcher

    • Exam preparation: Use step-by-step study schedules to help you prepare for USMLE® Step 1 & 2 CK and NBME® shelf exams.
    • Study planner: Set up your own study plan based on your schedule and curriculum.
    • Bookmatcher: Scan any medical textbook page and get relevant videos in seconds.
    • Player speed: Adjust to repeat the material faster.
    • Offline function: Study on the go—even offline.
    • Curriculum: Switch between an organ systems- and subject-based curriculum.


    • Cardiology

    • Clinical Neurology

    • Dermatology

    • Emergency Medicine

    • Endocrinology

    • Family Medicine

    • Gastroenterology

    • Geriatric

    • Gynecology

    • Hematology

    • Hepatology

    • Infectious Diseases

    • Internal Medicine

    • Nephrology

    • Obstetrics

    • Oncology

    • Pediatrics

    • Preventive Medicine

    • Psychiatry

    • Pulmonology

    • Radiology

    • Rheumatology

    • Surgery

    • Vascular Medicine

    • Qbank Walkthrough USMLE Step 2 Tutorials

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