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Uworld USMLE Step 3 2018 Qbank

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    Uworld USMLE Step 3 2018 Qbank

    Since 2001, nearly all medical students in the United States have trusted UWorld to prepare for their licensing exams. Being at the forefront of medical education gives us an obligation to provide students with only the best practice questions and explanations. Our goal is not only to prepare you for the USMLE, but to help you become a better clinician.


    1,500+ challenging Step 3 questions

    • Real-life clinical scenarios test high-yield concepts
    • Content created by practicing physicians with extensive experience
    • Continuous updates to maintain high standards of excellence

    In-depth explanations

    • Conceptual focus on important clinical topics
    • Detailed explanations for incorrect options
    • Vivid illustrations to help master the content

    Performance and improvement tracking

    • Exam-like software interface
    • Highlighting of relative strengths and weaknesses
    • Performance gauging with peer-to-peer comparison

    Innovative Answer Explanations

    UWorld focuses on explanations that provide a detailed understanding of important underlying concepts and minimize the need for memorization.  The explanations teach you the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed on the USMLE Step 3 examination.

    Why Choose Us?


    Our questions are at or above the level of difficulty of the USMLE, so you will be prepared for the actual exam.


    We provide content-rich explanations for both correct and incorrect answer choices to give you a deep understanding of entire concepts.


    Simple, user-friendly interface allows you to customize and create tests of your choice.


    Fast, friendly, and reliable customer support is available to meet your needs.

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