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The Neuronal Codes of the Cerebellum 1st Edition

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by Detlef Heck


    The Neuronal Codes of the Cerebellum
     1st Edition

                    by Detlef Heck

    The Neuronal Codes of the Cerebellum provides the most updated information on what is known on the topics of the cerebellum’s anatomy and single cell physiology, two areas where there has been a gap in knowledge regarding the specific codes it uses to process information internally and convey commands to other brain regions. This has created difficulties for researchers and clinicians looking to develop an understanding of the mechanisms by which it contributes to behavior and how its dysfunction causes neurological symptoms.

    Focused on findings related to the neuronal code used by cerebellar neurons for the representation of behavioral and sensory processes, this edited volume will aid scientists in overcoming that knowledge gap, also serving as the first resource to broadly address the different aspects of spike coding in the cerebellum that focuses on spike train analysis.

    • Compiles current knowledge about functioning of the cerebellum on a cellular basis and how information is encoded in the cerebellum
    • Highlights findings related to the neuronal code used by cerebellar neurons for the representation of behavioral and sensory processes
    • Contents include an introduction to the cerebellum and experimental/theoretical techniques, as well as the function of cerebral coding during disorder, learning, behavior generation, motor behavior, and more
    • Bridges the gap for cerebellar researchers between single cell biophysics/anatomic studies and behavioral studies
    • Incorporates various in vivo approaches with different behavioral paradigms in primates and rodents, modeling studies of coding, and in vitro approaches

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    • Paperback: 280 pages
    • Publisher: Academic Press; 1 edition (November 4, 2015)
    • Language: English
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