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The Brigham Board Review in Infectious Diseases 2017 – Videos + PDF

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    The Brigham Board Review in Infectious Diseases 2017 – Videos + PDF

    Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Board Review

    A comprehensive review of infectious diseases designed to improve the management and care of patients with common and uncommon infections. Ideal for MOC.

    Stay Current in a Rapidly Changing Specialty

    This CME course is a wide-ranging review of the important topics in infectious diseases and keeps you abreast of the latest developments in the field. The Brigham Board Review in Infectious Diseases includes case-based lectures on topics like endocarditis, transplant infectious diseases, HIV-initial testing and evaluation, sexually transmitted infections, adult immunizations, travel medicine, and more. It will help you to:

    • Prepare for the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Infectious Disease certification and recertification examinations
    • Relate pathophysiology and pathobiologic principles with clinical presentations
    • Evaluate the latest therapeutic approaches available, their risks and benefits
    • Appraise the management of acute HIV infection, syphilis, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and sepsis

    Expand Your Skills and Improve Patient Care

    A comprehensive board review, this learn-at-your-own-pace course in infectious diseases provides 26.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits ™ and 26.25 MOC points. Available online or via audio MP3 CDs, it provides access to unbiased, evidence-based content and case-based reviews so you can expand your knowledge and incorporate the latest guidelines into your daily practice.

    View our full list of Topics/SpeakersFacultyAccreditation and Media Format information.

    • Overview of Clinical Microbiology – Bacteria and Mycobacteria – Dan A. Milner Jr., MD
    • Clinical Microbiology – Fungi and Viruses – Dan A. Milner Jr., MD
    • Antibiotics – I – Jennifer A. Johnson, MD
    • Antibiotics – II – Jennifer A. Johnson, MD
    • Antifungal Therapy: Options and Indications- Francisco M. Marty, MD
    • Therapy of Herpes and Influenza Virus Infections – 2016 – Martin S. Hirsch, MD
    • Congenital Immunodeficiencies of Clinical Importance in Adults – David E. Sloane, MD
    • Respiratory Tract Infections: Sore Throats, Common Colds, and Coughs – Miriam Baron Barshak, MD
    • Community-Acquired Pneumonia – Joel T. Katz, MD
    • Nosocomial Pneumonia and Other ICU Infections – Michael Klompas, MD, MPH, FRCPC
    • Common Problems in Infection Control and Healthcare Epidemiology – Deborah S. Yokoe, MD
    • Endocarditis – Adolf W. Karchmer, MD
    • Meningitis and Encephalitis – Todd B. Ellerin, MD
    • Bone and Joint Infections – James H. Maguire, MD
    • Adult Immunizations – Lindsey R. Baden, MD
    • Travel Medicine – James H. Maguire, MD
    • Parasitology – James H. Maguire, MD
    • Tick-borne Diseases – James H. Maguire, MD
    • Zoonoses – Mary W. Montgomery, MD
    • Infectious Diarrhea – Mary W. Montgomery, MD
    • Tuberculosis – Eric J. Rubin, MD, PhD
    • Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria, Nocardiosis, Rhodococcus, and Actinomycosis – Jonathan Li, MD
    • Infectious Complications of Immunomodulators – Sarah P. Hammond, MD
    • Transplant Infectious Diseases – General Principles – Lindsey R. Baden, MD
    • Transplant Infectious Diseases – Boards Questions – Sophia Koo, MD
    • HIV: Testing and Initial Evaluation – Lisa A. Cosimi, MD
    • HIV: Opportunistic Infections and Board Review Questions – Lisa A. Cosimi, MD
    • Principles of Antiretroviral Therapy: When to Start and What to Start – Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD
    • HIV: Clinical Cases and HIV Resistance Testing – Jonathan Li, MD
    • Viral Hepatitis – Arthur Y. Kim, MD
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections – Sigal Yawetz, MD
    • Outpatient Infectious Disease – Board Review Questions – Brian T. Chan, MD
    • Skin Infection and Infection-Mimickers Part 1 – Adam D. Lipworth, MD
    • Skin Infection and Infection-Mimickers Part 2 – Adam D. Lipworth, MD
    • Cases: Non-Infectious Diseases that May Appear on the Boards – Holly E. Rawizza, MD
    • Non-Infectious Diseases that May Appear on the Boards Part II – Holly E. Rawizza, MD

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