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Textbook of Neural Repair and Rehabilitation (Volume 1) 2nd Edition

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by Professor Michael Selzer


    Textbook of Neural Repair and Rehabilitation (Volume 1) 2nd Edition

                 by Professor Michael Selzer 

    In two freestanding volumes, the Textbook of Neural Repair and Rehabilitation provides comprehensive coverage of the science and practice of neurological rehabilitation. Revised throughout, bringing the book fully up to date, this volume, Neural Repair and Plasticity, covers the basic sciences relevant to recovery of function following injury to the nervous system, reviewing anatomical and physiological plasticity in the normal central nervous system, mechanisms of neuronal death, axonal regeneration, stem cell biology, and research strategies targeted at axon regeneration and neuron replacement. New chapters have been added covering pathophysiology and plasticity in cerebral palsy, stem cell therapies for brain disorders and neurotrophin repair of spinal cord damage, along with numerous others. Edited and written by leading international authorities, it is an essential resource for neuroscientists and provides a foundation for the work of clinical rehabilitation professionals.


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    •  688 pages
    • Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 2 edition (June 23, 2014)
    • Language: English
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