Top 5 Neurosurgery Books Recommended Reads



 Top 5  Neurosurgery books  Recommended Reads


As you know, in 2016. residents of Neurosurgery has welcomed a lot of specialized Neurosurgery Books new published.

To update the knowledge and latest techniques in neurosurgery, you should not miss the experience of reading this book.

The book will be an important contribution in enhancing your skills

 + We would like to introduce you to  of five  Neurosurgery books best  . These books are a lot of people interested

The book is the first to mention the book by author by Laligam N. Sekhar With extremely great publications

  Topic : Neurosurgery Books 

  Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques Books: Brain 2nd edition

Be considered an updated atlas to help you manage diseases and disorders of the brain

Some new surgical techniques including the present author
A new chapter of proton therapy
An extension includes the latest radiosurgery techniques
Nearly 3,000 high-quality photos quickly understand the surgical procedure
More than 100 videos surgical techniques

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      Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques Books PDF 

Books No 2: This book is considered the classic book of neurosurgery in particular, where nearly all the inhabitants of the lead neurosurgeon on the shelves of their very

           The book was written by author Mark S. Greenberg.
Handbook of Neurosurgery 8th edition pdf free download 
In the eighth edition, the author has written extensive new topics such as central nervous system toxin effects.

This book is suitable for most all neurosurgical residents, and students
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 Handbook of Neurosurgery 8th edition pdf free 

+ Next we want to introduce to readers Neurosurgery books recently published in July 2016

The book was written by author Richard Fessler Glenn and colleagues
Following the success of the first edition in 2006
Launched in 2016 continued for neurosurgery residents Issue 2
The main highlight of this edition 2

  • Clearly delineated indications, contraindications, advantages, and disadvantages provided for each surgery
  • Operations with same opening and closing technique covered just once, thereby minimizing redundancy
  • Beautifully illustrated with more than 1,000 images
  • Video compendium created by master surgeons provides up-close guidance on a wide array of surgical procedures
  • Ideal for both the busy practitioner seeking review and resident looking for robust study materials

And of course you do not want to miss to be read and experience books ''  Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques: Spine and Peripheral Nerves 2nd Edition Original PDF '' 

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 Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques: Spine and Peripheral Nerves 2nd Edition pdf 


            No. 4 in the series books 5  Neurosurgery Books  this year

We want to introduce readers to the Books Neurovascular Surgery 2nd Edition

       Robert F. Spetzler by the author and colleagues 

With relentless advances in medical technology, so the application of high technology in neurosurgery development momentum also continued trend

    Some new techniques are introduced in this book

  • Ischemic Stroke and Vascular Insufficiency

  • Cerebral and Spinal Aneurysms

  • Cerebral and Spinal Arteriovenous Fistulae and Malformations

  • Vascular Tumors

  • Carotid Artery Disease

  • Moya-Moya Disease

  • Revascularization techniques

  • Along with more than 1,000 color images sharp illustrations, videos and accompanying anthology series

You can buy the book with the full video here

Neurovascular Surgery 2nd Edition pdf & video 


        The last book in the series of 5 Books best Neurosurgery

Will give you the best learning tool, full of questions and practice neurosurgery

The book by the American Board of Neurological Surgery (ABNS) Editor

The book is now available for download in PDF ORIGINAL   Click DOWNLOAD NOW 

Neurosurgery Practice Questions and Answers 2nd Edition Free download 


Thank you, and wish you had a great experience with a series of 5 best  Neurosurgery Books 

Also you can refer to the book 400 other Neurosurgery :

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