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Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders Part I, Volume 83

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by William C. Koller


    Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders Part I, Volume 83: Handbook of Clinical Neurology


    This volume provides a complete guide to advancements made in the understanding of Parkinson’s disease and related neurodegenerative disorders. From information on early research conducted in the 1960’s, to modern clinical views of these diseases, this handbook will give clinicians and neuroscientists a state-of-the-art reference that presents critical appraisals on recent developments in the study of these disorders.

    As the world population in developed countries ages, these observations are particularly relevant. Dramatic data on the genetic causes of dominant and recessive forms of hereditary Parkinson’s disease are presented, as well as new knowledge on the differences in the intricate circuitry of basal ganglia in healthy individuals and those afflicted with Parkinson’s.

    Clinicians will find this to be a great platform on which to base ongoing investigative approaches and research.

    * A complete guide to the advances made in the field of neurogenerative disorders, including Parkinson’s
    * A comprehensive accounting of the parkinsonian disorders, including pharmacological advances, patient management techniques, and therapeutic strategies
    * Critical appraisals of recent developments in the field that further clinical research and foster new investigative approaches


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    • Series: Handbook of Clinical Neurology (Book 83)
    • Hardcover: 656 pages
    • Publisher: Elsevier; 1 edition (August 22, 2007)
    • Language: English
    • Type : PDF 
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