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Oxford Desk Reference: Respiratory Medicine

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    • Nick Maskell, Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK
    • Ann Millar, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK

    In the era of evidence-based medicine, clinicians draw upon a vast resource of research-based evidence to guide their practice. However, finding this information is not always easy, particularly when it is most needed. In the case of respiratory medicine which covers more than 40 individual conditions, the research-based evidence may be limited and/or disproportionate to the incidence of the condition. Guidelines are available but difficult and time consuming to find.
    This book is designed to overcome this problem. Many of the key recommendations to be found in current evidence-based guidelines are presented in a uniform and accessible format. The same format has been used for expert opinion on best practice where the evidence base is limited. The design of this book makes locating the information needed both quick and simple, and the succinct yet easy-to-read nature of the text means that key points can be reviewed and assimilated rapidly. The text is enhanced by a number of summary boxes and tables for quick reference to the key points covered in the narrative. A large number of these sections also have radiological images illustrating the relevant abnormalities. Written by experts in their field, this book presents a succinct overview based on both best practice and available research evidence.

    • The definitive reference on the latest evidence-based practice in respiratory medicine
    • Designed to present expert opinion in a uniform, easily-accessible format
    • Reflects current best practice with an international contributor team
    • Summary tables and key points highlight the most salient information
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