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Neurology for Non-Neurologists 2017- Videos + PDF

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    Neurology for Non-Neurologists 2017- Videos + PDF


    The Oakstone Institute Specialty Review

    Covering topics in Clinical Neurology that non-neurologists face in their daily practice, this comprehensive update is designed to help you diagnose and treat neurological signs and symptoms.

    Stay Up-To-Date with Neurology for Non-Neurologists

    Neurology for Non-Neurologists covers topics in clinical neurology that non-neurologists commonly face in their daily practice. The comprehensive program is designed to enhance and improve your ability to take a neurological history, perform a neurological exam, and recognize and treat common neurological problems. This CME course will also help you know when it’s appropriate to order imaging and laboratory tests, or to recommend referrals.

    Discover New Guidelines

    A clinically based update, this learn-at-your-own-pace course in Neurology provides a maximum of 30.25AMA PRA Category 1 Credits ™. Available online or on disk, it provides access to unbiased, evidence-based content and case-based reviews so that you may expand your knowledge and incorporate the latest guidelines into your daily practice.

    View our full list of Topics/SpeakersFacultyAccreditation and Media Format information.

    Approach to the Patient

    • Taking a Neurological History – Martin A. Samuels, MD
         Watch video :
    • The Mental Status Examination – Aaron P. Nelson, PhD, ABPP
    • The Neurological Exam: Cranial Nerves, Motor, Sensory, Coordination and Reflexes – Martin A. Samuels, MD

    Sensory Complaints

    • Approach to the Patient with Dizziness – Martin A. Samuels, MD
    • Treatment of Dizziness – Martin A. Samuels, MD
    • Approach to the Patient with Spells – Louis R. Caplan, MD
    • Fatigue – Thomas D. Sabin, MD
    • Migraine and Other Headache Syndromes – Rebecca C. Burch, MD
    • Headache as a Symptom of Systemic Disease – Rebecca C. Burch, MD
    • Neck and Arm Pain – Michael Ronthal, MD
             Watch video :
    • Low Back and Leg Pain – Jeffrey N. Katz, MD, MSc
    • Approach to the Problem of Chronic Pain – Daniel D. Vardeh, MD


    • Epilepsy – Tracey A. Milligan, MD, MS, FAAN
    • Seizures as a Symptom of Systemic Disease – Tracey A. Milligan, MD, MS, FAAN


    • Visual Disturbances – Sashank Prasad, MD
          Watch video :
    • Eye Movement, Lid, and Pupil Abnormalities – Robert M. Mallery, MD

    Movement Disorders

    • Parkinsonism – Lewis R. Sudarsky, MD
    • Tremor – Martin A. Samuels, MD
    • Hypokinetic Movement Disorders (other than Parkinson Disease) – Edison K. Miyawaki, MD
    • Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders – Edison K. Miyawaki, MD


    • Prevention of Stroke – Galen V. Henderson, MD
    • Treatment of Acute Stroke – Galen V. Henderson, MD

    Cancer Neurology

    • Primary Brain Tumors – Andrew D. Norden, MD, MPH
    • Neurological Aspects of Systemic Cancer – Eudocia Quant Lee, MD, MPH

    Neurological Infections

    • Encephalitis – Jennifer L. Lyons, MD
    • Meningitis – Jennifer L. Lyons, MD
    • HIV Neurology – Nagagopal Venna, MD

    Neuromuscular Disorders

    • Neuropathies – Mohammad Kian Salajegheh, MD
    • Muscle and Neuromuscular Junction Disorders – Mohammad Kian Salajegheh, MD
    • Motor Neuron Diseases – Nazem Atassi, MD, MMSc
           Watch video  :

    Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Disorders

    • Multiple Sclerosis – James M. Stankiewicz, MD
    • Autoimmune Neurology – Henrikas Vaitkevicius, MD

    Behavioral Neurology

    • Evaluation of Cognitive Impairment – Kirk R. Daffner, MD, FAAN
    • Alzheimer’s Disease – Reisa A. Sperling, MD
    • Delirium and Confusion – Joshua P. Klein, MD, PhD
    • Neuropsychiatry – John F. Sullivan, MD


    • Principles of Neuroimaging – Joshua P. Klein, MD, PhD

    Borderlands of Medicine and Neurology

    • Neurology of Lupus and Other Collagen Vascular Disease – Shahram Khoshbin, MD
    • The Neurology of Acid-Base Disturbances – Martin A. Samuels, MD
    • Neurocardiology – Martin A. Samuels, MD
    • Neurohematology – Martin A. Samuels, MD

    Sleep Disorders

    • Insomnia – Matt T. Bianchi, MD, PhD
    • Excessive Sleepiness – Matt T. Bianchi, MD, PhD
    • Sleep Problems in Neurological Diseases – Milena K. Pavlova, MD

    Brain Injury and Toxins

    • Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion – William J. Mullally, MD
    • Metabolic Encephalopathy – Martin A. Samuels, MD
    • Coma and Brain Death – Martin A. Samuels, MD
    • The Neurology of Alcohol – Michael E. Charness, MD
    • Neurotoxicology: Central Nervous System Toxins – Michael Ganetsky, MD, FACEP, FACMT
    • Neurotoxicology: Peripheral Nervous System Toxins – Michael Ganetsky, MD, FACEP, FACMT

    Special Topics

    • Neurorehabilitation – Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD
    • Autonomic Neurology – Peter Novak, MD, PhD
    • Women’s Neurology – Mary Angela O’Neal, MD
    • Neurological Aspects of Death and Dying – Thomas I. Cochrane, MD, MBA
    • Neurology in Resource-Limited Environments – Aaron L. Berkowitz, MD, PhD
    • Neurogenetics for Non-Neurologists – Philip L. De Jager, MD, PhD

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    Date of Original Release: June 30, 2016
    Date of Credit Termination: June 30, 2019
    Estimated Time to Complete: 30.25 hours

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