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Neurovascular Surgery 2nd Edition – Original PDF

The complex, highly technological field of neurovascular surgery is quickly expanding, encompassing traditional surgical approaches, as well as endovascular and neurointerventional techniques. The last decade has seen increased cross-specialty interest in utilizing minimally invasive techniques to help prevent and treat cerebrovascular disease. Concurrently, there has been important research analyzing the efficacy of surgical methods versus endovascular approaches and the clip versus coil discussion is covered herein.


   Neurovascular Surgery Free download 




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The Washington Manual of Echocardiography Second Edition PDF

by Nishath Quader M.D. (Author),‎ Majesh Makan M.D. (Author),‎ Julio Perez (Author)


Nuclear Cardiology Review: A Self-Assessment Tool Second Edition PDF

by Wael A. Jaber MD FACC FAHA (Author),‎ Manuel D. Cerqueira MD FACC FASNC (Author)


Clinical Echocardiography Review Second Edition PDF

by Allan L. Klein MD FRCP(C) FACC FAHA (Author)


Neuro-Developmental Treatment: A Guide to NDT Clinical Practice 1st Edition PDF

by Judith C. Bierman (Editor),‎ Mary Rose Franjoine (Editor),‎ Catherine M. Hazzard (Editor),‎ Janet Howle (Editor),‎ Marcia Stamer (Editor)


Movement Disorders in Childhood, Second Edition 2nd Edition PDF

by Harvey S. Singer (Author),‎ Jonathan Mink (Author),‎ Donald L. Gilbert (Author),‎ Joseph Jankovic (Author)


Samuel's Manual of Neurologic Therapeutics Ninth Edition PDF

by Martin Samuels (Author),‎ Allan H. Ropper MD (Author)


Cerebral Herniation Syndromes and Intracranial Hypertension (Updates in Neurocritical Care) 1st Edition PDF

by Dr. Matthew Koenig (Editor),‎ Kevin Sheth (Contributor),‎ Margy McCullough


Sleep and Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 1st ed. 2018 Edition PDF

by Eric Vermetten (Editor),‎ Anne Germain (Editor),‎ Thomas C. Neylan (Editor)


Orthopaedic Neurology, 2nd Edition epub

J. D. Hoppenfeld (Author), Stanley Hoppenfeld (Author)


Oxford Textbook of Sleep Disorders (Oxford Textbooks in Clinical Neurology) PDF

Sudhansu Chokroverty (Editor), Luigi Ferini-Strambi (Editor)


Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, 6th Edition PDF

by Meir H. Kryger MD. FRCPC (Author), Thomas Roth PhD (Author), William C. Dement MD PhD (Author)