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Neurologic Complications of Cancer Therapy 1st Edition

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by Patrick Y. Wen


    Neurologic Complications of Cancer Therapy 1st Edition

            by Patrick Y. Wen 

    Neurologic side effects of cancer therapy can inhibit treatment, can be dose-limiting and can diminish quality-of-life. Neurotoxicity related to cancer therapy is a common problem in oncology practice and in clinical neurology. Recognition of neurologic complications of anticancer therapy is necessary due to potential confusion with metastatic disease, paraneoplastic syndromes or comorbid neurologic disorders that do not require reduction or discontinuation of therapy.

    Neurologic Complications of Cancer Therapy provides comprehensive coverage of the recognition and management of neurologic symptoms related to cancer therapy. The book includes sections on systemic therapy discussed by both agent and adverse event. The section on adverse events is particularly valuable to clinicians, allowing them to consult by symptom in cases where multiple agents have been administered and the source of the complication is uncertain. The systemic therapy section includes coverage of immunologic agents, biologics, and targeted therapies. The book also features sections on the complications of radiation therapy, complications of surgery and high-dose chemotherapy, and stem cell transplantation.

    Neurologic Complications of Cancer Therapy Features:


    • A widely recognized team of editors
    • Systemic therapy covered by therapeutic agent and by adverse event, enabling a ""problem-oriented"" approach for the clinician
    • Coverage of newer modalities including immunologic agents, biologics, and targeted therapies
    • Complete sections on complications of radiation therapy, surgery, high-dose chemotherapy, and stem-call transplantion

    Product Details

    •  442 pages
    • Publisher: Demos Medical; 1 edition (September 28, 2011)
    • Language: English
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