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NCCP Textbook of Respiratory Medicine

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    • D Behera, Director, LRS Insi tute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases, New Delhi, India , Professor, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Postgraduate Ins i tute of Medical Educai on and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India

    NCCP Textbook of Respiratory Medicine as part of its continuing educational activities. Senior and experienced chest physicians to contribute various chapters for the book. Multi-authored textbook has become the order of the day and this systematically comprehensive textbook of respiratory medicine will be a very useful text for residents, respiratory physicians in practice and others for their handy reference. Much attention and focus has been given to chapters like “tuberculosis” and “bronchial asthma”, which are the two more common problems faced by the chest physicians. The Revised National TB Control Programme in our country is a dynamic process and current changes have been incorporated so that the reader will have an idea about the TB control activities in India. Knowledge and understanding of medicine in every field is changing at a rapid pace and becoming challenging with the fast development of technology and science; hence, these are bound to be some inclusions of the latest developments. The senior and experienced authors have made honest and sincere efforts to provide some of the updated and relevant information. Attempts have been made to incorporate appropriate information keeping in mind the readership particularly the undergraduates, postgraduates and the practicing chest physicians. I strongly believe that this book will be of great value not only to the respiratory physicians, but also to the general practitioners and both to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of pulmonary medicine and internal medicine.
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