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MCEM Part C: 110 OSCE Stations

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    Author: Somani Kiran, Jain Nitin, Jenkins Nick

    Thẻ Membership Examination of the College of Emergency Medicine (MCEM) is intended to assess the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for a doctor to be able to practise emergency medicine in the UK and Ireland, at the level required to be a senior decision maker. This means it is the hurdle which must be successfully negotiated prior to entry into higher specialist training. The sections on common presentations, communication, physical examination, psychiatry, practical procedures and resuscitation all contain important information that will be valuable to all candidates for their practice as well as for the examination. All the content is helpfully mapped to the College of Emergency Medicine curriculum which is the basis of training. This book, combined with a thorough knowledge of the curriculum and the College’s own guidance for the exams, should prepare the candidate well.


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