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KAPLAN USMLE Step 1 High-Yield (Videos+PDFs)

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    KAPLAN USMLE Step 1 High-Yield (Videos+PDFs)


    KAPLAN USMLE Step 1 High-Yield

    No one likes to waste time. To do your best, you need to work efficiently with the time you have. Keep current on your Step 1 study with our updated video library.


    What makes the Step 1 High Yield program unique?

    You’ll get:

    • 55 hours of video lectures organized by general principle and organ system to help you learn what matters the most for test day
    • 1.5x speed option to view core lectures in 39 hours
    • 28 warm up exercises
    • Short, multiple-choice quizzes after viewing core lectures
    • Clinical correlates, heart sounds and dynamic visuals to make it stick
    • Page references to First Aid* (2013 & 2014), Pathoma (2013) and medEssentials
    • Customizable playlists and chapter links within videos
    • Progress reports on your dashboard


    Course pack

    General Principles – Behavioral Medicine and Ethics

    General Principles – Biochemistry

    General Principles – Epidemiology and Biostatistics

    General Principles – Immunology, Hematology, and Oncology

    General Principles – Infectious Disease

    General Principles – Pharmacology

    Organ Systems – Cardiology

    Organ Systems – Endocrinology

    Organ Systems – Gastroenterology

    Organ Systems – Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue

    Organ Systems – Nephrology

    Organ Systems – Neuroscience

    Organ Systems – Reproductive Medicine

    Organ Systems – Respiratory Medicine

    Warm-up Questions


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    • Format: 1025 Video Files (.mp4 format) + PDF files.
    • File Size: 11.3 GB.
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