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Intensive Update in Pain Management video & PDF 2017

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    Intensive Update in Pain Management video & PDF 2017

    Cleveland Clinic Specialty Review 

    In-depth review of recent advances in pain medicine, regional anesthesia/analgesia, and the tremendous changes affecting the practice of pain management.


    The Fundamentals

    • Higher Centre and Pain: From Basic Science to Clinical Perspective - Philip Peng, MBBS
    • Mechanism of Action of Spinal Cord Stimulation - Ricardo Vallejo, MD, PhD
    • Mechanistic Approaches to Treating Chronic Pain - Daniel Clauw, MD
    • Neurophysiological Basis for Multimodal Therapy in Postoperative Pain - Philip Peng, MBBS
    • Anatomic Imaging for Pain Evaluation - John Carrino, MD, MPH
    • Cannabinoids for Chronic Pain - Daniel Clauw, MD

    Rheumatologic Conditions

    • Autoimmune Disorders and Pain - Carmen Gota, MD
    • Fibromyalgia – Current Understanding - Daniel Clauw, MD
    • ANA, RF, ENA: Making Sense of Rheumatologic Alphabet Soup - Carmen Gota, MD
    • Contemporary Guidelines for Managing Fibromyalgia - Benjamin Abraham, MD
    • Comprehensive Evaluation of the Fibromyalgia Patient - Robert Bolash, MD

    Advanced Technology and New Targets

    • High Density Stimulation - Aaron Calodney, MD
    • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation - Timothy R. Deer, MD
    • Burst Stimulation - Timothy R. Deer, MD
    • High Frequency Stimulation - Ricardo Vallejo, MD, PhD

    Addressing the National Opioid Epidemic

    • Opioid Crisis in America – How Did We Get Here? - Richard Rosenquist, MD
    • Should Opioids Be Used for Chronic Pain? – Pro - Aaron Calodney, MD
    • Should Opioids Be Used for Chronic Pain? – Con - Richard Rosenquist, MD
    • CDC and FDA Opioid Guidelines – Blessing or Curse? - Anita Gupta, DO, PharmD
    • Drug – Drug Interactions in Pain Management - Elizabeth Casserly, PharmD, RPh
    • Managing the Difficult Patient Before They Manage You - Daniel Doleys, PhD
    • Beyond Opioids for Cancer Pain - Oscar Deleon-Casasola, MD

    Surgical Approaches to Painful Spine Conditions

    • A Surgeon’s Appraisal of Spine Pain Complaints - Sean Nagel, MD
    • Long Term Outcomes from Lumbar Spinal Fusion - Ajit Krishnaney, MD
    • Imaging the Cervical Spine - John Carrino, MD, MPH
    • Surgical Approaches to Cervical Spine Disease - Ajit Krishnaney, MD
    • Psychological Evaluation of the Failed Back Surgery Patient: Could This Have Been Predicted/Prevented Preoperatively? - Daniel Doleys, PhD

    Transitioning from Pain Care to Pain Wellness

    • Diet and Chronic Pain - Teresa Dews, MD
    • Exercise as Medical Treatment - Richard Rosenquist, MD
    • Hormonal Effects of Chronic Pain and Its Treatments - Robert Bolash, MD
    • Complementary and Alternative Treatments - Michael Amster, MD
    • Smoking and Chronic Pain - Benjamin Abraham, MD
    • Physician Heal Thyself – Addressing and Preventing Burnout - Michael Amster, MD

    Innovations in Pain Medicine

    • Sodium Nitrite for Peripheral Neuropathy - Amol Soin, MD
    • Intradural Spinal Cord Stimulation - Sean Nagel, MD
    • Future Trends in Determining the Mechanism of Action for SCS - Ramsin Benyamin, MD
    • 5HT Agonist for Neuropathic Pain - Amol Soin, MD
    • PILD for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis - Ramsin Benyamin, MD

    Economics of Pain Medicine

    • Transitioning from Fee for Service to Bundled Payments and Population Health - Robert Bolash, MD
    • Measuring Pain Outcomes – Time for a Change? - Teresa Dews, MD
    • Is Targeted Drug Delivery Economically Viable in 2017? - Robert Bolash, MD
    • Midas Encore RCT - Ramsin Benyamin, MD
    • Cost Effectiveness of Neuro Stimulation - Robert Bolash, MD
    • Team-based Healthcare Delivery - Lynn Gaddis, RN, MSN, CFNP - BC

    Physician Assistants & Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Session

    • Current Opioid Guidelines and Maintenance of the Chronic Pain Patient - Lynn Gaddis, RN, MSN, CFNP - BC
    • Managing the Flood of Patient Messages - Kathryn Kraus, PA-C, MPAS
    • Polypharmacy, Pain, and Drug Interactions: Strategies to Balance Risk and Benefits - Anita Gupta, DO, PharmD
    • Improving Documentation to Reduce Denials and Preauthorizations - Kathryn Kraus, PA-C, MPAS
    • Spine Pain – Neurological Evaluation and Differential Diagnosis - Sean Nagel, MD
    • How to Manage the "Aggressive" Patient - Lynn Gaddis, RN, MSN, CFNP - BC and Daniel Doleys, PhD

    Date of Original Release: April 1, 2017
    Date Series Expires: March 31, 2019
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