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Handbook of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

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    • SK Jindal MD FNCCP FAMS FCCP, Professor  and  Head, Department  of  Pulmonary  Medicine, Professor-in-Charge, Telemedicine, Postgraduate  Institute  of  Medical  Education  and  Research, Chandigarh,  India

    This handbook is highly concise, yet wide in scope to incorporate most of the issues of pulmonary and critical care practice. This book includes the basic principles of Pulmonology as well as the recent advances in allied clinical sciences relevant to Pulmonology. Covers complete, convenient, practical guide to diagnosis and management of pulmonary disorders. Covers topics related to Pregnancy and Pulmonary Diseases, Smoking and Tobacco Control, Aviation and Space Travel, Diving Medicine etc. Current topics related to climate change and lung diseases, high altitude problems are also discussed. This handbook is useful for postgraduate medical students and practitioners.
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