Endoscopy in Liver Disease PDF

by John N. Plevris (Editor),‎ Peter C. Hayes (Editor),‎ Patrick S. Kamath (Editor),‎ Louis-Michel Wong Kee Song (Editor)


Extreme Hepatic Surgery and Other Strategies: Increasing Resectability in Colorectal Liver Metastases 1st ed. 2017 Edition PDF

by Eduardo de Santibañes (Editor), Victoria Ardiles (Editor), Fernando A. Alvarez (Editor), Virginia Cano Busnelli (Editor), Martin de Santibañes (Editor)


Fibrocystic Diseases of the Liver (Clinical Gastroenterology) 2010th Edition PDF

by Karen F. Murray (Editor), Anne M. Larson (Editor)


Gastroenterological Endoscopy 3rd edition PDF

by Todd H. Baron (Author),‎ Nicholas J. Shaheen (Author),‎ Michael Bourke (Author),‎ D. Nageshwar Reddy (Author),‎ MSc Lauren B. Gerson (Author),‎ Michael B. Wallace (Editor),‎ Paul Fockens (Editor)


MacSween’s Pathology of the Liver, 7th Edition PDF

by Alastair D. Burt MD (Author),‎ Linda D. Ferrell MD (Author),‎ Stefan G Hubscher MD (Author)


Surgical Pathology of the Liver First Edition PDF

by Michael Torbenson MD (Author),‎ Roger Moreira MD (Author),‎ Lizhi Zhang MD (Author)