Fracture Management for Primary Care and Emergency Medicine 4th Edition PDF

by M. Patrice Eiff MD (Author), Robert L. Hatch MD MPH (Author)


The Color Atlas and Synopsis of Family Medicine, 3rd Edition 3rd Edition PDF

by Richard Usatine (Author), Mindy Ann Smith (Author), E.J. Mayeaux (Author), Heidi Chumley (Author)


Pfenninger & Fowler's Procedures for Primary Care 4th ed. Edition PDF

by M.D. Fowler, Grant C. (Editor), M.D. Choby, Beth A. (Editor), M.D. Iyengar, Deepa (Editor), M.D. O'Connell, Theodore X. (Editor), M.D. O'Connor, Francis G. (Editor)


Encyclopedia of Football Medicine, Vol.3: Protecting the Player 1st Edition PDF

by Tim Meyer (Author), Ian Beasley (Author), Zoran Bahtijarevic (Author)


Handbook of Primary Care Ethics 1st Edition PDF

by Andrew Papanikitas (Author), John Spicer (Author)


Fracture Management for Primary Care Updated Edition PDF

by M Patrice Eiff (Author), Robert L Hatch (Author)


The Hip and Pelvis in Sports Medicine and Primary Care 2nd ed. 2017 Edition PDF

by Peter Seidenberg MD (Editor), Jimmy Bowen MD (Editor), David J. King MD (Editor)


Medical Management of Vulnerable and Underserved Patients: Principles, Practice and Populations 2nd Edition PDF

by Talmadge E. King Jr (Author), Margaret B. Wheeler (Author), Andrew B. Bindman (Author), Alicia Fernandez (Author), Kevin Grumbach (Author


Family Medicine: Principles and Practice 7th ed. 2017 Edition PDF

by Paul M. Paulman (Editor), Robert B. Taylor (Editor), Audrey A. Paulman (Editor), Laeth S. Nasir (Editor)


International Perspectives on Primary Care Research (WONCA Family Medicine) 1st Edition PDF

by Felicity Goodyear-Smith (Editor), Bob Mash (Contributor)


Family Medicine: The Classic Papers (WONCA Family Medicine) 1st Edition PDF

by Michael Kidd (Editor), Iona Heath (Editor), Amanda Howe (Editor)


Swanson's Family Medicine Review: A Problem-Oriented Approach 8th Edition PDF

by Alfred F Tallia (Editor), Joseph E Scherger (Editor), Nancy Dickey (Editor)


Taylor's Manual of Family Medicine (Taylor's Manual of Family Practice) Fourth Edition PDF

by Paul M. Paulman MD (Author), Audrey A. Paulman MD MMM (Author), Kimberly J. Jarzynka (Author), Dr. Nathan P. Falk M.D. (Author)