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ESSA's Student Manual for Health, Exercise and Sport Assessment

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by Jeff Coombes (Author), Tina Skinner (Author)


    ESSA's Student Manual for Health, Exercise and Sport Assessment

     by Jeff Coombes (Author), Tina Skinner  (Author)

    ESSA’s Student Manual for Health, Exercise and Sport Assessment is an essential text for any student undertaking an exercise and sports science degree and professionals working in the exercise and fitness industries.

    This practical manual contains fundamental theory and detailed step-by-step protocols designed to assist students and practitioners to develop competency for conducting tests in exercise, health and sports science.

    Written by leading Australian and New Zealand Academics and published in collaboration with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA), ESSA’s Student Manual for Health, Exercise and Sport Assessmentis the first Australian text written with ESSA’s accreditation framework in mind.


    • Multiple choice questions and short answer questions
    • Criteria sheets to assess skill competency
    • Worked examples and case studies
    • Data recording sheets
    • Image collection
    • Excel spreadsheet to record and analyse data from activities within the manual

    Key features









    • Combines the theory underpinning testing procedures and comprehensive step-by-step protocols
    • Includes practical data recording tables
    • Protocols that encompass the spectrum of tests in exercise, health and sports science including, but not limited to, anthropometry, muscular strength, submaximal and maximal exercise testing, range of motion and threshold tests
    • Includes pre-testing procedures and equipment requirements for conducting assessments
    • Emphasis on the accuracy of the measurement, including calibration and verification of equipment
    • Section on laboratory safety, cleaning and disinfectanting
    • Links analysis, interpretation and communication of test results
    • Data analysis practical that encourages the reader to analyse their own data collected in the activities

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