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Disaster Preparedness for Health Care Facilities

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    The text is geared towards health care workers such as adult and pediatric physicians and nurses, paramedics and health care facility administrators and will cover disaster preparedness for health care facilities such as hospitals and long-term care homes The content of the book will address preparedness for disasters, both natural and man-made, from the standpoint of health care facility pre-planning preparedness to managing and overcoming disasters when they occur. Beginning with how to assess the risk to and readiness of your health care facility for potential disasters, the book progresses to how to deal with any readiness deficiencies found. Each chapter can be a standalone document addressing an individual aspect of disaster preparedness but when all chapters are combined, it creates a complete and authoritative guide on all aspects of disaster preparedness. This book is the only product of its kind that centralizes all of the content required for a health care facility to plan, prepare and manage disaster related events. KEY FEATURES The most comprehensive, in-depth content Created by medical and legal professionals who are experts on the chapter(s) they have contributed. Academic review of the contents was done by international leaders in the disaster preparedness field (from the United States, UK and Israel) This book has been designed as a standalone, self-teaching reference text.


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    •  500 pages
    • Publisher: Pmph USA; 1 edition (February 28, 2013)
    • Language: English
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