Core Concepts in Cardiac Surgery PDF

by David Taggart (Editor), Yasir Abu-Omar (Editor)


Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography 6th Edition PDF

by Catherine M. Otto MD (Author)


The EACVI Textbook of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance PDF

by Victor Ferrari (Author), Massimo Lombardi (Editor), Sven Plein (Editor), Steffen Petersen (Editor), Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci (Editor), Emanuela Valsangiacomo Buechel (Editor), Cristina Basso (Editor)


Oxford Textbook of Interventional Cardiology 2nd Edition PDF

by Simon Redwood (Editor), Nick Curzen (Editor), Adrian Banning (Editor)


Cardiovascular Mechanics PDF

by Michel F. Labrosse (Editor)


Congenital Heart Disease in Adults (Congenital Heart Disease in Adults (Perloff/Child)) 3rd Edition Epub

by Joseph K. Perloff MD (Author), John S. Child MD FACC (Author), Jamil Aboulhosn (Author)


Clinical Cases in Heart Failure (Clinical Cases in Cardiology) PDF

by Ravi V. Shah (Editor), Siddique A. Abbasi (Editor)


Heart Failure in the Child and Young Adult: From Bench to Bedside 1st Edition PDF

by John L Jefferies (Editor), Anthony C Chang (Editor), Joseph W Rossano (Editor), Robert E Shaddy (Editor), Jeffrey A Towbin (Editor)


How-to Manual for Pacemaker and ICD Devices: Procedures and Programming 1st Edition epub

by Amin Al-Ahmad (Editor), Andrea Natale (Editor), Paul J. Wang (Editor), James P. Daubert (Editor), Luigi Padeletti (Editor)