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Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Diabetes (Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics (BDA)) 1st Edition

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    Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Diabetes (Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics (BDA)) 1st Edition

    by Louise Goff (Editor), Pamela Dyson (Editor)

    Published on behalf of The British Dietetic Association, Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Diabetes is an exploration of the evidence and practice of nutrition in diabetes, offering a global view of the lifestyle interventions for the prevention and management of diabetes, including management of complications and special population groups. With internationally recognised authors, this book applies the rigour of evidence-based medicine to important enduring topics in diabetes, such as:
    • public health efforts at diabetes prevention
    • formulating nutritional guidelines for diabetes
    • carbohydrates and the glycaemic index
    • the management of diabetes in older people

    The authors draw on their research and practical experience to offer sound guidance on best practice, ensuring that interventions are both scientifically secure and effective.


    Dietary recommendations need to be based on solid evidence, but where can you find this information? The British Dietetic Association and the publishers of the Manual of Dietetic Practice present an essential and authoritative reference series on the evidence base relating to advanced aspects of nutrition and diet in selected clinical specialties. Each book provides a comprehensive and critical review of key literature in its subject.  Each covers established areas of understanding, current controversies and areas of future development and investigation, and is oriented around six key themes:

    •Disease processes, including metabolism, physiology, and genetics
    •Disease consequences, including morbidity, mortality, nutritional epidemiology and patient perspectives
    •Nutritional consequences of diseases
    •Nutritional assessment, drawing on anthropometric, biochemical, clinical, dietary, economic and social approaches
    •Clinical investigation and management
    •Nutritional and dietary management
    •Trustworthy, international in scope, and accessible, Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics is a vital resource for a range of practitioners, researchers and educators in nutrition and dietetics, including dietitians, nutritionists, doctors and specialist nurses.


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    • Series: Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics (BDA)
    • Paperback: 352 pages
    • Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 1 edition (December 30, 2015)
    • Language: English
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